Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why Site Visits Are Important

The site visit 
 It is surprising that this simple task is overlooked. It may be based on the assumption that Owners of buildings still remember the structure and have the floor plans on file.. , or common knowledge of the location of power sources and overhead fixtures etc.. would be easily ascertained. Lets not forget some companies have high staff turn overs and in this information age the regular staff doesn't really pay attention to detail their days consist of mundane routines of heading towards the workstation, to the lunch room, to the workstation and then out the door. I've been in buildings and asked where is the fire extinguisher.. no-one actually sitting on the floor knew and they passed it everyday , they had to ask the maintenance guy. I remember my rookie mistake of assuming the building manager could answer a simple question about the building they worked in, I had received info on the location of power for a L.E.D sign installation , details about access to their network connection but I kept asking one question.. what is the structure like for the building ? are you certain ? I was repeatedly told that she knew what she was doing.
I can honestly say as A/V guys we should always do our needs analysis and Site Survey, we may find things the floor manager never knew about and possible obstructions they overlooked because it wasn't a part of their day to day activities.


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